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Feeling unwell? Questions about medications? Worry not! Our pharmacists are your healthcare professionals who are ready to provide services and assistance to you. Feel free to contact us online, or find us through our pharmacy outlets.

Ask Our Pharmacists

Questions about PMG Pharmacy

In PMG Pharmacy, you can count on our service where our pharmacists are always on duty throughout business hours. Our pharmacists are all licensed health care professionals, they adhere to the same rules of privacy and confidentiality as your doctors. If you have any questions about medication, herbal remedies, dietary supplements, you are always welcome to talk to our pharmacist. To locate your nearest PMG Pharmacy, click store locator.

You will need to contact your nearest PMG Pharmacy for inventory information. If the product is not in stock, the pharmacist may be able to place a special order.

You may post any medications, medical conditions or dietary supplements related questions here – and we will respond to you within 48 working hours. For urgent enquiry, please contact our pharmacist at any of your nearest PMG Pharmacy outlets and find more details at Store Locator.

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