MEMBERS- Advantages, Q & A

  • PMG pharmacy Membership Card offers a Life-time membership.
  • Simply present your PMG pharmacy Membership Card upon payment checkout.
  • For every RM1 worth of purchase, you will earn 1 point.
  • Members will enjoy exclusive discounts over wide selection of products at any PMG pharmacy outlets.
  • Professional services from pharmacist towards medication consumption.
2Q1. How do I apply for a PMG pharmacy Membership Card?
You may acquire a PMG pharmacy Membership Card at PMG pharmacy for just RM 10.
3Q2. Is a minimum amount of spending required before before I am eligible to apply for an PMG pharmacy Membership Card?
4Q3. Will I be able to enjoy all member benefits instantly after I get my PMG pharmacy Membership Card?
Yes, you may start accumulating points immediately.
5Q4. Is there a validity period for the PMG pharmacy Membership Card? If yes, how long would that be?
PMG pharmacy Membership Card offers a Life-time membership.
6Q5. Will the points credited into my PMG pharmacy Membership Card get expired?
No, the points credited will last for life-time.
7Q6. If my PMG pharmacy Membership Card is taken away by another person, will it be possible that he can redeem benefit with points accumulated in my card?
No, all redemption of points will be strictly bounced by the card owner only. Identity verification shall be needed during redemption.
8Q7. If there is any change to my personal information, how should I update my data for PMG pharmacy?
To update your personal information, such as mobile phone number, email address, you may update in any PMG pharmacy outlet.
9Q8. How do I earn points?
For every RM1 worth of purchase, Member earn 1 point. There are also wide selections of products which offer you bonus points in various amounts when purchase them too.
10Q9. How could I use the points earned?
For every 200points earned worth RM1. There will be no selected products for redemption purpose. Accumulated points can be used on any product.
11Q10. If, for certain reason, I want to return the product I bought, will the points I have earned from that purchase be deducted from my account?
Yes, it will be deducted and you have to provide the receipt for adjustment purposes.
12Q11. How do I know how many points have been accumulated in my account?
You may enquire at the cashier in any PMG pharmacy outlet.
13Q12. Is there a ceiling limit for the points accumulated in my account?
No. The more bonus points you accumulate, the bigger redemption capacity you have.
14Q13. If my purchase contains products redeemed with points, will you issue a receipt for my purchase?
Yes. We will still issue a receipt which will clearly state the full payment of the purchase or in part, using points.
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